Social Networking Site

Statement on Social Networking Sites

Mississippi State University's Dean of Students Office recognizes that social networking sites are now a part our university culture. These websites offer students many opportunities to keep connected with their family, friends and other social groups not only at MSU, but across the world. When students connect with others on-line, they typically post information, including pictures and other content to share with all of those who are able to access their website. Occasionally, students will post information that is deemed offensive and/or something that may be seen as being illegal or a violation of MSU Policy. Although the Dean of Students Office does not actively peruse any social networking sites to look for either illegal activity or for violations of MSUI Policy, we will investigate information that has been brought forward to this office that may indicate there might be some type of violation of law and/or MSU Policy.

Understanding the risks associated with On-line Communication, including Social-Networking Sites

Almost all members of the MSU Campus have some type of on-line communication presence, which includes e-mail, home-pages, blogs, instant-messaging and other social networking sites. When utilizing these on-line resources, individuals should understand the following as potential risks of internet based communications:

  • Information posted on-line is there typically forever.
  • Information posted on-line is for the most part there for everyone to see, such as future employers, university administrators, and parents.
  • Remember that providing too much personal information on-line, such as telephone numbers, addresses, photos, etc; can be used to cause harm to you as well. Identity theft, on-line harassment and stalking are examples of how posting too much information can negatively impact you.
  • A good "rule of thumb" is to not post any information that you would want your parents, a university administrator, a future employer or a stalker to see on-line.
  • Should our office receive information that indicates a MSU Student has violated university policy or state law, they may be held accountable for these postings through the legal process or through the Dean of Students Conduct Process.

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